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Well that's interesting

In my quest to make a fic rec page for myself I have spent 'waaayyyy' more time then I intended looking through fic I have saved on my computer.  It has been an experience, let me tell you. 
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I really have tried, but here we go again

 The rain has kept me from working out side in the garden.  Part of that is because I can't do a lot until the ground is till, but this is a farm so it's not like I'm without projects to work on, seed planting aside. 

That said I decided between the interment down poors and thunder, that I had cause to work inside.  I had just finished some of the quilt blocks needed for my up coming quilting class and decided it was time to buckle down and start working on my Star Trek quilt.  

I got out my fabric, adhesive webbing, and patterns only to realize that before I can do anything I have to wash all the fabric.  (sigh)  It's always something.

That was yesterday.  Today I'm working on doing house chores that include washing the dishes, some recycling, and surprise, surprise, laundry that will include pre-washing my quilting fabric.  I don't think I'll be able to justify more quilt work today because the rain has lightened up and I could actually do a few jobs out side with out looking like a drown rat.  It's not a good look for me really. 

Besides the baby chicks want some outside time to stretch their wings and I need to clean out the heated coop area.  I'm sure the adult hens want their coop cleaned as well.  Whatever happened to Sunday being a day of rest?  It always seems to be my day of chores.

Fan stuff

Good grief, I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted something.  Or maybe I should say I knew it had been a while, but real life was kind of kicking my butt in this area. 

I can't say that things are really slowing down, but I finally feel like I have time to work on or at least comment about, fanish things.

It has suddenly come to my attention that KiScon is getting closer.  While I'm happy about this I also find my self going 'Dear God I'm not ready!' and scrambling to get my ducks in a row.  First in this mad dash is my work on the quilting project I hoped to take with me.  I have managed using a projector to enlarge the image I want to use and using large amounts of poster board and tracing paper, make a master pattern and break that down to make individual piece patterns.  I'm currently at the fun part of trying to decide if I need to make heavy duty templates or if the one I have now will work.  

Also there is the fun of trying to decide the best way to get the fusible webbing on to the fabric while also transferring the pattern so that I can cut the pieces.  It's one of those things where I have used all the different applications, but never all at once and on the same project, or even in the same large scale as I'm currently trying.  Nothing like trying a challenging idea when you have no real guide or pattern and then putting a dead line on it.

I'm almost to the point of trying some small samples (with lots of note taking) to determine how to proceed.  What makes all of this a little more nerve-racking is that not only do I have to get this done by a certain date, but part of the process requires me sending it out to be quilted.  Some how I doubt the quilter realizes the importance of this as much as I and so I must pad my time accordingly so that it's all done on time.

In other fandom news I just saw on some DW posts that Vivdcon will be having it's last convention in 2018.  While I have never gone to this convention it has be going on for over 10 years and it is sad to think that it will be leaving us.  While I may not make vids I do enjoy watching them and I'm sure that many of the vids I have enjoyed had come from people who learned or gained experience from this convention. 

It makes me even more leery about the fact that the conventions I'm most interested in seem to be winding down and fading away.  BASCon is gone as are many of the others that have left over the last few years.  I have heard that Media-West is nothing like it was years ago when it would take over 3+ hotels and had close to 2,000 people show up.  Much is changing in the fan world and not all of it is for the better. 

Zines are all but a thing of the past with few if any paper zines showing up anymore.  Face to face meetings are being replace by on line ones what are not centralized and hard to find.  The economy and political tone in the world isn't helping either.  Still I can only do what I can do and at the moment that is working on my quilt for KiScon.  If it works out for me maybe I can do something similar for Escapade. 

And the count down starts

Just the yesterday was I was carpooling with a neighbor she said, 'Right now at this time next week you will be in LA.' and it made me realize that she was right.  Well .. .. she wasn't actually right because I would have been in a plane flying down to LA, but the general point was true.  I would be on my vacation, heading off for fun and friends.

The overwhelming through that next followed was 'I'm not ready!'.  This is quite true.

It's not that I'm not ready to have time off.  I'm so ready for that words can not describe.  It's all the little things leading up to this time off that I have yet to deal with that push me into the 'not ready' category.

I have gotten the paperwork part out of the way.  Flight, hotel, and roommate are all taken care up. I have even given any information people would need while I'm gone, to the people who need it.  Got that done weeks ago and felt quite proud about it.

No I'm talking about the other little things like say.. .. .. packing?  Yeah, still need to do that one.  I have pecked away at it and have a suite case half full of t-shirts, underwear, a new tooth brush, and what have you.  Now I just have this weekend to firm everything up.  One last push to get all the laundry done.  After all it would not be nearly as fun to go on a trip and not have by favorite hoody sweatshirt or my best fan t-shirt to take with me.

There is also the round up of phone charger, cash, and notebook for getting lists of recommended fic or contact information.  Pens for writing in the aforementioned notebook and highlighters for marking the program guide. Snacks for while I'm in the airport (it cost to much to buy anything there) and some kind of reading material.  Book or Zine?  Something I'm dying to read or what will take the less space?

I still have to decide if I really want to take some art work to sell at the art show (I have had it for years, maybe it's time to pass it on?) and the items I want to take to the swap table.  I have been going though my fan-ish collection and need to clean out some space but that is off set by the fact that I 'love' to collect stuff and have a hard time letting go.  That said I still have room in shelving for my zine collection for more zines.  You can never really have to many of those.

I still have to get information together for my panel.  I start last weekend and it was looking quite overwhelming last week, but I decided to try something different.  It should go faster.  As long as I don't get sidetrack while looking this up on the web.  Something that happens just about ever time I go on line. <sigh>

Then there are all the 'other' other stuff.  You know house stuff.  I need to sure I have someone to deal with my chickens.  They are finally laying eggs again and it would be annoying to lose any more of them now.  I have to make sure that last of my bills are paid before I leave.  Nothing is quite as unpleasant as coming home for a nice trip and realizing that you missed a few bills and have to scramble to get them done before you get hit with late fees.

Lastly I want my house to be at least somewhat neat for when I come home.  I realize that spick and span it's really going to happen in my house currently, but getting dishes done, and emptying the fridge of anything that will go bad before I leave would be nice.  I already will be coming back home on little sleep, at odd hours (only flight I could get was late), dealing with daylight savings time, and getting up early do deal with a physically demanding job.  The let down from this con as I slam back in to RL has the potential to suck on an epic level. 

To that end I have every intention of making sure that while I might have to work the day after my trip, I will be able to come home to a clean house and relax after work and delve into what ever fan-ish thing I got from the con.  Be it some awesome fic recs, some DVDs of a new show, or some zines.  I plan to mile my post-con high for as long as I can. <g>

In other news I did manage to borrow something that will help me make a quilt.  The quilt is for KiScon this year down in LA (that seems to be the place for my conventions this year) and if I can finish it on time I thought I would see about donating it for a raffle or auction thing.  I have already bought about 85% of the fabric I need for it and really only have to work out the pattern.  If I'm lucky it will be quilted and ready for the convention before September.  If this method of pattern making works well it would be nice to make a fan-ish one to donate for Escapade next year for them to earn money for the con. 

There was a post a week or more ago about how the cost of Escapade has gone up since it start almost 30 years ago.  I would hate for this con to end as it's really the only yearly slash convention I can easily get to.  It's the only regular one that I really know of that is still going on yearly on the west cost.  KiScon moves around and is every other year.  That's nice but not the same either. 

I want to support the convention but I no longer have the job that brings in the money I use to.  Doing something like a quilt is mostly expensive in that it takes a lot of time.  Something I have right now.  I'm use to finding good deals on fabric and supplies so I hope this is something I can do that will help the convention, because in the long run I think conventions like this are a thing worth saving.  They really do offer fandom a lot and if we can find a way to keep them going and even gain in popularity again it will do a lot to revitalize personal connections that once allowed fans to do some pretty awesome things. 

A passing thought

 I found myself looking for a story about a week ago.  It was frustrating as even though it was a WIP it was long enough, good enough, that I liked to re-read it from time to time.  It was annoying when I went to find it and poof, it was gone. 

I thought I had saved it.  I remember spending a weekend morning do just that.  Even so I can't find it anywhere on my personal archive I have on a thumb drive.  It has been less then 2 years since I have rebuilt/re-configured my OS so I know that not everything is on my current favorites list.  In fact my current list is quite short because I try to save 'anything' I think I might even be interested in reading later  Just incase things disappear from the net as they have a habit of doing.

That story I was looking for has still not been found, though I have put out a shout for help from a 'fic-finders' list.  I'm hopeful that will work.  Also I'll ask around at Escapade, as I'm sure there are several people there who might at least have an idea for where I might look if they don't actually have a copy themselves.

So while I have yet to find said story I have not given up hope.  In that vain I have pulled several of my back up copies from previous computer rebuilds.  It's become stander operating procedure for me to do back-ups when ever I do a major overhaul on my computer.

As such I have been going though some 'old' saved 'favorites' files and it's been interesting to see what I have found.  The back up I'm looking at now I thought was from around 2007, but from some of the saved dates it now looks more like 2010.  Still that it 7 years ago.  I have been surprised at the number of  broken links.  Most of the pages have been lost, totally replaced by adds or empty pages that you can buy.  A few have been from accounts that have been purged.

Part of my knee jerk reaction is to suddenly go on a saving binge and save every fic I can find weather I like it or not.  Not a practical thing I tell you.  Also the current thumb drive I have is starting to get full, though I'm sure I still have 8 months to a year on it at my current rate.  Most of the space is being taken up by things like pod-casts.  Some of those audio files are over 10 hours long and eat a ton of space.  Pictures also eat up a lot.

One of the things I'm thinking about doing it getting another thumb drive and making a mirror drive of all my fic.  The thumb drive I'm currently using is getting used all the time and if something happens to it I'm kind of fucked.  All my personal journal entries, fic from the net (some of it close to 20 years old), and all my job related things are on this thing.  If it goes tits up one day I'm kind of screwed!

Before I do this I though I might check in with the people at Escapade to see if any of them know of a program or hell, even a filing system and spread sheet, that would work well for ease of navigating my person archive.  Right now I'm working with just my remembering what titles go with what plot line.  Oddly enough I'm not always correct.  I have often thought it would be nice to have a fic rec page, but until I can find my own things quickly it would be kind of stupid and inefficient to post anything on line. 

Another thing with all this looking at old pack up files, I have noticed that my tastes a) are quite varied and b) have changed quite a bit over the years.

I have known some fans that only do one fandom and while I may only really in a few at a time I do actually have quite a few.  Usually I only read in one fandom at a time.  Kind of like binge reading hobbit fics then a few days later binge reading Star Trek Reboot fics.  Some times I binge read by author and if they have more then one fandom they have written awesome fic in I might end up reading in several fandoms in a short time.  Though it should be noted that I will usually read all of the fic from one fandom before moving on to their other stories by that author in another fandom. 

Even so when I start to look back at the links and pages I have saved it's surprising the number of fandoms I have read in, even if it was only for a short time.

What I found even more interesting was some of the stories I saved and remember thinking 'these are great!' that I now look at and think 'what the hell?'.  It makes me cringe some times.  Still I think I will see about checking out each of these saved links.   Things seems to be disappearing quickly lately so I'll save what I can and file it best as I can and hope that even if I don't end up liking some of the stories as much as I might once have, they are still on file for me to pass on to others that might be looking.
Just bought my tickets for my flight down to LA for KiScon 2017 this September. I'm so excited! Now all I need are the hotel room and a roommate or two. Actually the tickets for the flight are always the most worrying part for me. Once you get them your kind of stuck with them. Don't want to mess that up do you?

It has just kind of crept up on me that Escapade is just around the corner! I know that suggestions for panels closed earlier this month. Once again I suggested one panel. I would have suggested more, but one I was thinking of had already been put forth and I really didn't have many ideas that were something to talk for a panel.

I mean this year have I have reading a lot of fan-fic, which is pretty usual for me. What has changed is the amount of crossover fic and how it has kind of changed how I look at fandom. I use to like my fandoms by themselves. I would have Harry Potter over here, The Sentinel over there, and Forever Knight in another spot. It's not like that anymore.

Now I find myself looking for crossover fics with NCIS and Criminal Minds or better yet SG1/SGA and Sentinel despite it being a true cross over with Jim and Blair or just a fusion with elements of The Sentinel. I still like stories that stay in just it's own fandom, but there are so many creative writers out there that have done such amazing jobs of weaving fandoms, characters, back stories, and plots together in tight believable stories that I just want more and more.

I'm sure there is a panel topic in there somewhere, but hell if I know how to word it.

My seasonal job is fighting for time with my animal care taking jobs (the ones that pay for my convention trips), working on my quilting, and a number of other things. I'm going to have to start really prepping for my trip within the next week if I want to get everything settled in time for the trip.

It sucks waiting until the last minute to pack (something I have done more then once) and I don't like going into a vacation under slept. I plant on staying up and having fun with everyone else. Nodding off in the middle of things is not cool.

Packages, hotel conformation, and fan fic

I spent most of the late-morning/midafternoon getting packages ready for the mail. Dear God! Read more...Collapse )

Holiday shopping and new fanish projects.

Well the Thanksgiving weekend is over and it's time to catch my breath a little before starting off for the next holiday.

While I didn't do much shopping over the weekend I did manage to find time to make it to JoAnn Fabrics for there lovely 60% off their house brand of quilting fabrics. If anyone were ever to look though my house one of the things you might say is 'this girls doesn't need any more fabric!'.

This fact doesn't stop me from looking and buying more when a great deal comes along. As a general rule I never pay full price for any of my crafting needs and this sale was to good to ignore.

Like most quilter you will find out there I have several projects in the works with dozens more in the planning stages in my head. I had planned to work on adding some nice back ground fabric to my stash, something that it's a bit weak in.

What I ended up doing was starting another project, in this case a fanish one! I have plans to go to KiSCon next year in LA. I was looking at their art work for the convention and keep thinking how nice it looked with its simple design. The longer I looked the more I though to myself that I could do that. Make a nice throw blanket with applique in the center and piecing around the edges.

Next thing I knew I was using my phone to check the colors on the web site against what was on the shelves. These are the colors I ended up with.

The white fabric is actually a bright white with a white on white design, but the other colors are all true to type. The white is for the back ground or course. The yellow and brown are for Kirk while the blue is for the 'shadow' part of the lettering and Spock. I still have to go back and get a solid black for the lettering and Spock's hair because I couldn't find anything that really matched the other fabrics in texture or richness of color.

The black space with silver stars will be part of the boarders that I will figure out later. I keep thinking of putting little basic cutouts (applique) of the Enterprise in the star field and maybe do different Star Trek insignia in the corners? Something like a classic or the reboot version, a Vulcan one, or ???? It will be a while before I get there, but I'm open to suggestions.

As it stands I have enough to get started. I will see about borrowing an overhead projector from one of my crafting groups so that I can resize the image, because there is no way I can just free hand that graphic and have it come any where close to what I want. Once I get the projector I can work up the math, size, and make a pattern.

I'm all excited and hope that something will come from all this. It would be nice to go to the convention and take my completed quilt down for the art show or the auction.

Well that sucked, but on to better things.

I didn't intend to wait so long since my last post but between going out of state, family issues, and the crap-fest that is our political system, I have not exactly been on the top of my game.

The rain has finally come back to the area which is kind of reassuring as we have gotten some 70+ degree days, and that is just crazy for November in Oregon. Crazy I tell you! While that kind of weather did help with getting more of the garden/yard tasks done I will be happier when the weather goes back to what it should be.

On the fanish front I have done a few things.

I saw Dr. Strange this last weekend. I will need to see it a few more times at least (hopefully while it's still in the theater) because there was so much visual stuff going on that there is no way to pick it all up on the first pass through.

Over all I really liked this movie, even if I don't remember much from the comics. I knew enough to know the basics of the character, but I probably only read a few comics with him in it when I was a kid. Dad knew more about him, but nothing really in depth. Mostly it was a doctor who lost the use of his surgeon abilities from an accident and while in a quest to fix this was drawn in to something 'more'.

I liked the way his character grew and changed over the course of the film. I think there is a lot of potential for this series and it was fun to see little hints of how it fit into the Marvel Universe. In fact I have been rather impressed with the entire Marvel Universe set up for the last few years. I think I'm currently only missing the last move 'Civil War' and will do something about that as soon as I can get a copy so I can watch it on dad's big screen TV.

Going off on another tangent, I have actually found a new pairing that I'm into. I only really find it remarkable for the fact that it is het and I'm usually all about the slash.

Lately I have been reading a lot of Criminal Minds. Usually it's crossovers with are NCIS and has Tony DiNozzo as the connecting point between the two show. Sometimes they work together to solve a case with DiNozzo/Gibbs paring and Tony knows and/or is a friend of Morgan's though sometimes it's Hotch he knows. If he is paired with someone from the BAU it's usually Hotch, though I have read a nice one where he is with Reid and just a week or so ago a hot one by Jilly James called 'Imperfect' that paired Tony with Morgan.

The women in the show, while I like them, I don't usually pair with the guys. Well I have now made a correction to that. I have found some great Morgan/Garcia fics and what's more can totally see that pairing in the show. With all of the banter and pet names, they just work for me. Of course I'm still at the start of the show, what with just starting season three, so that might change but I'm guessing it won't.

I'm still fairly new to that pairing so I'm still combing through all the fics in the archive for the good ones. While there are several I like most aren't very long as they mostly seem to be small fillers. I have yet to come across any epic fic with this pairing. More is the pity.

While it shouldn't seem all that shocking that I could watch a show and see some kind of romantic or sexual connection between a man and a woman, I was shocked when I looked back and realized that while I don't see slash in ever show I don't usually see het even when it's heavily implied. Is that because I like slash so much that it is all I really look for? Has TV trained me to see women flirting and being sexual as so normal that I don't really see it as a relationship possibility unless they expressly tell me? Even then I doubt I would see a het pair having sex the same as them starting or being in a relationship. It could, but I wouldn't automatically see it that way.

There was another het pairing I saw on TV or the silver screen that I could totally see happening and again I had this moment where it struck me as odd, just because it was so unusual for me. I wonder if other slashers have this problem? I mean I read romance books, or books with het sex often so it's not like I don't like it.

Speaking of slash and fic, lately I have been reading everything I can get my hands on from the Rough Trade and Keira Marcos sites. I have been on Keira's sight for some time but only read the stories 'Tangled Destinies' and 'The Awakening'.

With all the stories being posted for Rough Trade on A03, I ended up back tracking to the Rough Trade web site, and then back again to the Keira Marcos web site. Both have been interesting and I have been having a great time catching up one reading things, even if they aren't complete. Both sites are basically locked, but it's easy to register for both.

Part of me wonders why it took me so long to read a lot of the fic on Keira's site, but I'm starting to thing that it has to do with how many more fandoms I'm in and the amount of crossover fic there is.

I'm watching Criminal Minds now, not because it's been an easy thing for me to find, but because I kept reading fic for NCIS that would have these other characters pop up. At first I didn't even realize that they were from other shows, but as time went on it finally clicked. Next I was looking up the actors for these shows so that when I read the fic I could 'see' who they were talking about better. Finally when the chance came up I bought the first season off of Amazon cheap.

With all of these cross overs I find that the fic is pushing my need to see new shows. As I watch new shows I'm exposed to or perhaps more willing to read more fic with them. I know that crossovers were around back when I first starting reading in fandom but it seem like there is more of it now.

There are some shows that just seem to gravitate into crossovers a lot. I keep finding a mix of NICS, Criminal Minds, The Sentinel, SGA, and SG1. NCIS and Criminal Minds are understandable because of the nature of the crimes can over lap and both are within a close proximity to each other geographically. NCIS and the Stargate series tend to work because of the military interaction. And lets face it everything can crossover or have a fusion with The Sentinel. It really is the little black dress of fandom.

So many fanish questions. Maybe I should think about using some of them for panels at Escapade.

I have surivied the worst of it.

I have finally made it though the worst of work and several of the large jobs that 'really' need to get done around the farm. Does that mean that I'm all caught up? Not a chance, but I can do a little of a breather right now.

I have been thinking about picking up anther job to make up for the one I 'think' has petered out. I'm not sure as that employer has always been kind of wishy-washy, and seems to have some unreasonable fear of confrontation. I mean if your not going to call someone back, just say so they aren't expecting work from that area. I'm looking at this not so much as a loss of one of my jobs, but a more open schedule that will let me look at some other options. Things aren't bad, just in flux.

In the fanish end of things I got conformation that my payment came through and I am officially going to KiSCon 2017. Go me! I have just paid off my plane tickets for Escapade 2017 this last month and have set aside all the money I need for the hotel as well as extra spending cash.

I'm now ready to start getting things lined up for KiSCon. Next I want to get the hotel done and start looking at the air line tickets. Earlier should help me get a better deal, but I might wait until the dead time after the holidays. God it feels so great to be ahead of the game for a change!

In my weekly tv I had to finally admit defeat and give up on Arrow. I had watched a few more episodes, but just couldn't hack it. I'm sure some people really like it, but all I saw was a really bad soap opera. Too many of the characters had what I would call tunnel vision. Basically good people, but not very flexible in anything other them maybe a moral code.

Even dad gave up on it, after another episode, and he will watch most things. I think part of it was how much space it was taking up. It was up to 70 episodes and was taking a big chunk of memory to save them all.

On the positive end of things, unless something goes sideways I'm sticking with Bull and MacGyver. Neither is must see tv, but are nice enough family shows that we will all sit down and watch them together. And that in itself is nice.

The only other tv we watch together (beside Jeopardy) is political stuff and I'm about done out with that garbage. I got my ballot over the weekend and will see about sitting down with the voters pamphlet to go over things. I'm guessing that before the week is over we will all sit down and do a pro/con family meeting for all the stuff there is to vote on, before going to our own corner and filling everything out. The next day who every is going by the drop box will take them all and we will be done! Free!

Well sort of anyway.